We achieve our goals through 4 main programs: FAV Education, FAV Health, Youth and Women Empowerment, Solutions and innovative technologies for rural areas.

–       Under FAV Education: We provide school support to the most vulnerable children (children in situation of handicap, mistreated children, orphans, former child soldiers, children descended of underprivileged families, etc.) through education sponsorship scheme. Apart from paying their school fees, the kids benefit from a series of after school activities that broaden their perspective on life beyond the classroom (Christmas Project, Summer Art Camp and Children’s Participation Activities).

1. Christmas Project: Christmas Project is a special and unique opportunity in the area where parents are not able to offer anything on this special day for their kids.

This project reaches beyond the ministry of the children in the education program. Through this event each year, the children are invited to gather, rejoice and to have fun, enjoying the holiday together. The Christmas Project was launched in 2014 in the cities of Uvira and Fizi as an outreach to the entire community.

2. Children’s Summer Art Camp: The Summer Art Camp Project is a summer school for children and young people between the ages of 4 and 16 years old. For one month, children and young people attend the project 6 days per week, learning new artistic and creative skills, hearing teachings on teamwork and leadership, and having lots of fun together.

This project aims to promote the values of peace, active non-violence and the peaceful co-existence of all peoples through the expressions of children in the arts (Drawing, Painting, Cinema, Theatre, Dance, Poetry, etc…).

Providing educational activities for children and young people during school holidays is not just a nice thing to do. In fact, it is really important to us: this is a time when children may be required to work or spend all day on the streets, where they are at risk from many things. Giving them a place to go, food to eat and activities to get involved with protects them for a little bit longer and equips them for life in new ways.

3. Children’s Participation Activities: Every child across the world is suffering the effects of abuse, neglect and poverty. Many children’s lives are characterised by physical, emotional and sexual violence and abuse, Female Genital Mutilation, early marriage and childbirth, forced labour, trafficking and other fundamental violations of human rights and dignity. Other children, whilst loved, may go hungry, victims of famine, conflict and other situations beyond their control.

The institutions established to nurture and protect them (for example families, schools, health clinics) are often the very sources of harm. Not recognised as competent actors, seen only as adults-in-waiting, children are victims of their circumstances rather than agents of chance. We believe that given the chance, children can play a critical role in solving the problems they face.

When Children work together, they can change their world. Children’s participation is a key means through which children can release their rights and Flamme d’Avenir works to promote it.

–       Under FAV Health: We provide logistical support to local health facilities, we support patients who are unable to pay medical bills, we provide support to survivors of sexual violence, equip the medical personnel and organize conferences for exchange of information and experience in the medical field. We provide safe, fresh water to people living in rural areas.

–       Under Youth and Women Empowerment: We help thousands of women and young people in situation of precariousness to improve their conditions of life through the improvement of their incomes for the self-sufficiency in charge of their families. We support them in their own economic initiatives and we facilitate them to access the products with strong sanitary, economic and ecological impact. We help them to get in situation of success and so to achieve economic and social progress within their initiatives.  This program is designed to contribute to the empowerment of women and young people in rural areas through vocational skills, entrepreneurship and leadership trainings to gain paid employment while educating them on their rights and peace-building.

–       Under Solutions and Innovative Technologies: We contribute to the development of rural Africa while facilitating the access to solutions and innovative technologies in different fields (Education, Health, Agriculture…) and to contribute to the reduction of the underemployment and unemployment among young people while equipping them in technical capacities, making them capable to transform their ideas in projects of innovations to bring solutions to the different problems within their communities. The protection of environment and conservation of nature, providing safe and fresh water, electricity and electricity supplies to the rural communities. We attract and promote new technologies of renewable energy, clean and efficient cooking solutions, the local industry and agricultural mechanization in the peasant villages in view of the economic growth. We are improving health systems. We enable poor people in Africa to gain maximum benefit from the opportunities offered by ICTs and act as a strong catalyst for reform. We provide trainings in the field of innovative solutions and technologies.


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