Who we are

The events of wars that embraced the Democratic Republic of Congo, in particular the provinces of North-Kivu and South-Kivu were to the basis of human rights violations of all sorts: murders, systematic depredations of the public property and those belonging to the population, destructions of production’s units, massive displacements of the population, result in a strong deterioration of the socio-economic situation of the population of these provinces.

This situation deprived the women and Congolese young people of the capacity to exploit their talents, their productive natural potentialities, an alarming situation of vulnerability of young people and women in the DRC, this group feeling more difficulties to find a job on the market of work and to benefit from incomes allowing them to live. These events accentuated a very important number of the no schooled children and young people in Eastern Congo, most of them were susceptible of political manipulation.

This is how in 2008, further to the size of violences made to the children, to the young people and to the women, Mr Stanislas, a Christian young Congolese and some volunteers were mobilized to create an organization without lucrative goal named Flamme d’Avenir (Flame of the Future in English), in acronym” FAV Group “.

Flame of future is a human rights, peace-building and socio-economic development organization guided by the vision of a nation where young people unite like agents of positive changes and become active citizens in the processes of peace-building and complete development in Africa and elsewhere.


A world where the socio-economic conditions are improved, where peace reigns and where the human rights are respected.


Support and accompaniment of women, young people and most vulnerable children, who are marginalized as well as the numerous farmers in their process of struggle against poverty and hunger by the promotion of agricultural, entrepreneurial and commercial activities, small industries, farming and other income generating activities as well as by the promotion of the culture of peace and respect of the human rights.


  • To contribute to the improvement of educational conditions of disinherited children and orphans,
  • To contribute to the improvement of socio-economic conditions and capacities reinforcement of the small craftsmen.
  • To promote peace, non-violence, demobilization of child soldiers and the respect of the human rights including the gender equality.
  • To attract new technologies and renewables, the local industry and agricultural mechanization in the peasant villages in view of the economic growth.
  • To assure the socio-professional and economic empowerment of young people in rural areas through vocational skills and leadership trainings.
  • To facilitate credit access to the vulnerable women and young people entrepreneurs in rural areas.
  • To contribute to the promotion and the encouragement of women’s initiatives through the improvement of their incomes for the self-sufficiency in charge of their families and to fight against juvenile delinquency.
  • To fight against the farmer’s poverty by improving agricultural, pastorals, fish farming, commercial activities; activities of transformation and out-flow of their merchandises;
  • To improve foods through the introduction of animal proteins (fish, meat, eggs…);
  • To contribute to the improvement of the artisanal fishing on the lakes.
  • To contribute to the improvement of the health system (maternal, infantile health and to fight against the STI and the HIV/AIDS).
  • To rehabilitate, renovate and redevelop the socio-economic infrastructures of basis;
  • To struggle against the deforestation by the setting up and purchasing the protected areas and lands, to sensitize the local communities against the deforestation, the hunt of the species of the animals and birds in danger of extinction.
  • To sensitize people in rural Africa on water, hygiene and purification and to assure the construction and the maintenance of the hydraulic works;

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