We are going to celebrate Christmas Joy with the Children in Uvira

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Christmas Project 2015
Christmas Project 2015
Christmas Project 2015
Christmas Project 2015

Celebrating Christmas with the children is part of Flamme d’Avenir’s (Flame of the Future) mission. This is our way of coming closer to the children, especially the disadvantaged ones, as we give them  comfort by  showing them love and commitment to their wellbeing.

Children’s Christmas Project is a special and unique opportunity in the area where parents are not able to offer anything on this special day for their kids. This project reaches beyond the ministry of the children in the education program. Through this event, the children are invited to gather, rejoice and have fun, enjoying the holiday together.

Christmas is a period of giving back and sharing with one another, so it is at this time when we try to bring joy into each other’s lives by hosting a party such as this.

Flamme d’Avenir celebrates Christmas with the children from poor families, orphans, widows, children with no traceable origin… without any discrimination. We want them to have the best and we always reflect on the ideal meaning of Christmas, which is the remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ. That is why we remember such children and share the happiness in various ways with them.

This year we have two main programs (on  December 24 and December 25):

  1. Our staff and volunteers are going to serve food, dance, sing Christmas carols, play games and give out Christmas gifts to the little ones.
  1. Stanislas will gather with the mothers of the children enrolled in our education program in Uvira to affirm and empower the gifts, skills and experiences they already have.

                                          Topic: ‘’How to Start and Manage Very Small Businesses’’

We want to support these women as they explore ways to use the skills they already possess in order to become self-sufficient so that they can provide for individuals, families and communities.

What you may do to help:

  1. You can start a ‘’Christmas Circle’’: in this case you would share with at least 5 closer friends or family members about this Christmas Project and our organization’s activities and each contribute at least $25 USD  (You may raise more than this per person). This money will help us to serve and feed many children during the Christmas event.
  1. Make a donation to support these women’s activities: Your contribution would help them start an economic activity which would help them provide for their families and create a better future.
  1. Sponsor a child or a woman’s activity:
    Would you be willing to sponsor a life (a child’s education or a mother’s activity)? Maybe you are already sponsor and are able to sponsor another? Perhaps you would like to sponsor on behalf of someone else or give sponsorship to someone as an extra special birthday or Christmas gift?

    Do you know of a friend or relative that would consider sponsoring? Each life sponsored is a story changed!

Please, contact us if you want to know more about how you can help.


One thought on “We are going to celebrate Christmas Joy with the Children in Uvira

    Marisa Ferrera said:
    29 September 2014 at 18 h 43 min

    The work you are doing to help these children is so wonderful. My husband and I are so happy to support your efforts by sponsoring 2 children to help keep them in school. We hope you continue to receive funds to help many more children. Blessings!

    Liked by 1 person

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