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Flamme d’Avenir empowers more children, young people and women every day through many of its programs and activities. We are inspiring, mentoring and encouraging the youth and women of DRC to create small businesses, express their thoughts to leaders, and become more involved in the policy making process of their nation.
You can help us make a difference. You can help us reach more young people and women. Please make a donation today.

Thank you for your support !

Why support us ?

Your gift will help us reach more people, empower and encourage them to utilize their full potential in order to become active citizens in their nation.

  • Widening our reach to young people: The Congolese Youth makes up about 70% of the whole nation. We want to reach as many as we can with our activities and programs to ensure a brighter and more confident future generation and essentially future leaders.
  • Peace in the East African Region: Flamme d’Avenir, as a peace building organization, aims at deepening its research and evaluations about peace and conflicts in the Great Lakes Region. The participation of diversified citizens will ensure sustainable solutions against conflicts in the region.
  • Empowering the citizens with opportunities to become self-reliant: Our programs have had an impact on not only the children and youth but also women. We have encouraged them to create income generating activities to become more independent and ensure a better life. Reaching more citizens with such opportunities will have a pivotal impact not only to them but also their communities.

Our supporters

Flamme d’Avenir has been funded through the support and generosity of a number of individual and institutional donors and charitable foundations.

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