Our Projects


  • Projects that require funds:

Peacebuilding Institute

The students have the opportunity to engage in critical thinking and problem solving, analyze complex issues and develop skills as global citizens in cross-cultural dialogue.

Peacebuilding & Commemoration Project

In order to engage youth in dealing with the past constructively, FLAMME D’AVENIR works to conduct peacebuilding training and workshops that equip youth with the toolsets they need to build sustainable peace.

Our youth organize national and international public speaking competitions and conferences to help them understand how the past can be built upon to build a brighter future.  Youth address topics related to dealing with the traumatic past, as well as civilian courage during war and hidden genocides (in the case of Goma, Fizi and Ruzizi Plain).

FLAMME D’AVENIR has peacebuilding clubs and associations in different schools and universities throughout the DRC.  These clubs and associations empower young people through youth-led activities and projects that engage their intellect and ideas, develop their capacities as leaders and positively contribute to building sustainable peace in their communities and nation.

Each of the clubs build on the talents of the youth to create and lead activities that promote critical thinking, dialogue, building sustainable peace, and socio-economic development.  Youth independently have generated projects such as commemoration events, debates, theatre performances, sporting events, community service projects and income-generating activities.

FLAMME D’AVENIR works directly with youth in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to empower these clubs and associations through programs, networking opportunities among members and financial support for youth-initiated projects.


FLAMME D’AVENIR aims to promote quality research that describes the magnitude, causes, and impact of societal problems and to identify, evaluate and document best practices to address those problems.  Areas of interest include human rights, democracy, justice, socio-economic development, conflict transformation, and peacebuilding.


FLAMME D’AVENIR aims to engage youth in the DRC in decision-making processes in their schools, churches and universities and within their communities in order to foster a democratic and just society.

Projects within FLAMME D’AVENIR’s Governance and Rights Program in the DRC strengthen the social agency of youth through raising awareness and providing trainings in relation to democratic values and human rights issues.  Activities also provide a platform for youth to openly express their views and concerns relating to governance and development.  These programs provide space for youth to get involved at the planning, implementation and evaluation levels of development.


Promoting Democratic and Human Rights Values

The Democracy and Human Rights Values program seeks to empower Congolese youth to play an active role in the democratic processes and good governance of their country.  We work with the youth to educate and promote human rights as part of a nation-building process.  This includes youth-led radio shows, democracy trainings, youth discussion forums and public talks.

Youth Discussion Forums

FLAMME D’AVENIR hosts Youth Discussion Forums in the DRC so that youth can learn and critically think about human rights issues as well as generate and explore possible solutions.

The Youth Discussion Forums bring together youth, government officials, policy experts as well as the district development partners from each province in the DRC.   These partners consist of local and international organizations that work together to discuss issues affecting young people’s democratic participation. The discussions are also meant to accelerate youth’s involvement in local and national development and peacebuilding processes.

Radio Shows

FLAMME D’AVENIR is developing a youth-led radio show on development, human rights and peace building.  Each year, over 15 radio shows are produced that provide time for callers to share their input on specific topics related to peace and development.

Human Rights and Democracy Training

The Congolese government has put in place various agencies and policies to promote human rights and encourage citizens to work together towards sustainable development.  However, the reforms and initiatives of the Government of Congo will not be successful unless they reach the youth of the country to help them understand their human rights as established in the Congolese Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

FLAMME D’AVENIR is working to develop a Human Rights and Democracy Handbook for Congolese youth which will be used to train youth leaders at local and national levels.  These trained youth will then educate their peers at the grassroots level to develop a better understanding of human rights, peacebuilding and foster youth participation.

Youth Employment & Entrepreneurship Policy Initiatives, Advocacy Project

FLAMME D’AVENIR has initiated a program in the DRC to create civically engaged youth who are agents of peace and who can ensure that their employment and entrepreneurship needs are fully addressed.

Youth have not been civically involved in the plans of the district development partners and as a result, their issues and concerns are not addressed appropriately.

Youth have been dealing with high unemployment rates in the district due to ongoing conflicts in the region as well as structural problems, such as over dependency on agriculture and infertile soils, insufficient socio-economic infrastructure, and the negative effects of the 1996 Wars and hidden genocides.

The district development plans propose strategies that focus on youth, who make over 60 per cent of the population, and aim at supporting youth cooperative formation, sustainability, and creation of a guarantee fund to sustain youth initiatives.


FLAMME D’AVENIR is supporting Congolese youth through the Empowering Young Women Entrepreneurs Project that empowers young women through education.

Youth unemployment is one of the major challenges and obstacles in the fight against poverty.  It is also a contributing factor to instability, both socially and politically.

In a country like the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the army conflicts are frequent, employment is vital to stability, reintegration, economic growth and sustainable peace.  The Social Economic Development Program aims to strengthen the social and economic agency of youth so they can take an active role in Congo’s development and the establishment of a just, inclusive, and peaceful society.

Empowering Young Women Entrepreneurs


The goal of the Empowering Young Women Entrepreneurs project is to contribute to the empowerment of Congolese women through vocational skills in tailoring, hairdressing, catering, welding, electronics, carpentry, Beauty Salon, Culinary Art (Kitchen), Welding, Shoemaking, embroidery and hand knitting, Barber, micro business, sculpture, painting / decorating and construction.

This program enrols women in leadership and entrepreneurship training as well as lessons in microfinance to strengthen their skills as entrepreneurs and to develop projects that positively contribute to the community.

The EYWE Project targets more than 100 out-of-school female youth between the ages of 18-27 to gain paid employment, or to become self-employed, and to understand and defend their rights.

Youth-Initiated Projects

FLAMME D’AVENIR’s Youth-Initiated Projects empower youth as positive change-makers in their communities.

Through this project, FLAMME D’AVENIR’s youth clubs and association members in the DRC will learn to apply a step-by-step process for identifying, developing, and implementing a project that contributes positively to the community while building on their own leadership skills.

In addition to receiving training and on-going technical support, FLAMME D’AVENIR youth members in the DRC can apply for project seed money to further empower them in carrying out youth-led peacebuilding projects.



Since 1996, the ongoing war in the DRC has affected thousands of vulnerable people in local communities, especially women and children.  There have been over three millions deaths as a result of this humanitarian disaster.

Armed combatant groups, such as the rebels of RCD-Goma, M23 and the Mai-Mai, as well as foreign groups such as the rebel groups from Burundi (the FDD and the FNL), have recruited numerous children from this region.  Young boys and girls are used on the frontlines of combat or in association with combat forces as child soldiers.

The consequences of the recruitment of child soldiers by armed forces are numerous and disastrous.  Child soldiers are brutalized mentally and physically, violated and raped and often contract sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS.  The children are sent to massacre others and are themselves massacred.  Those who survive have lost their childhood and are traumatized for life.

The usage of child soldiers is a crime which must not only be denounced, but which also must lead to judgment and punishment of those responsible.

FLAMME D’AVENIR works directly to help child soldiers recuperate from their involvement in armed groups and orients them to schools of recuperation and centres of formation.  These centres are schools for children who have been out of formal schooling for quite a long time.  After finishing their education, the former child soldier is given capital so they can begin a micro-enterprise.  Encouraging former child soldiers to become entrepreneurs discourages them from returning to the armed groups.

Our youth-based peace building programs aim to stop the recruitment of children in armed groups in the DRC.  Our programs focus on promoting a culture of peace and respect for human rights in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

FLAMME D’AVENIR works with youth in the provinces of the North-Kivu and South-Kivu in the Eastern region of the DRC to advocate non-violence, demobilization of child soldiers, gender equality and respect for human rights.

Our education programs focus on keeping in school of children affected by conflict, orphans children, children affected by HIV/AIDS and other vulnerable children. This year we was able to keep 110 children in school, our goal is to keep all the children in school.

FLAMME D’AVENIR youth members (ages 12 – 27) organize themselves into clubs and associations in secondary schools and universities in the Democratic Republic of Congo. These youth clubs and associations empower young people through youth-led activities and projects that engage their intellect and ideas, develop their capacities as leaders, and positively contribute to building sustainable peace in their communities and nation. Each supports FLAMME D’AVENIR’s mission but have the independence and freedom to create and lead activities of their choice. Activities have included commemoration events, debates, theatre performances, sporting events, community service projects, and income-generating activities, which aim at promoting critical thinking, dialogue, sustainable peace, and socio-economic development. FLAMME D’AVENIR further empowers these clubs and associations through programs, networking opportunities among members, and financial support for youth-initiated projects.

Although FLAMME D’AVENIR works throughout Congo, its base of operations is the Peace-building Centre (PbC). The PbC staff includes an Executive Director, Finance & Administration Director, Development Director, Programs Director, Program Officers, Communications Officer and Logistics Assistant, who work together on FLAMME D’AVENIR’s program development, implementation, and evaluation.

Each year, international interns and volunteers also contribute time and expertise to build the organization’s capacity. The PbC also offers space for FLAMME D’AVENIR youth meetings and activities and the multimedia resource library, consisting of DVDs, books, scholarly research, government reports and educational supplements, are available to FAV Group youth members on a loan basis.

FLAMME D’AVENIR’s funding is composed of individual donor contributions and grants. Current funders include NEVER AGAIN INTERNATIONAL – CANADA, HUNGER PROJECT, PARTAGE INTERNAIONAL, PEACE ONE DAY. FLAMME D’AVENIR also receives support through partnerships with international aid agencies, local NGOs, Congolese governmental institutions, universities, and media houses.

Past Accomplishments

  •  Awarded scholarships to physically disabled children affected by war in the territory of Fizi in the Fizi village.
  • Provided skills and vocational training of former child soldiers associated with the MAI-MAI YAKUTUMBA fighting forces. Youth are trained in techniques of manufacturing soaps.
  • Sponsors the education fees of former child soldiers in Kasakwa village.
  • Coordinate educational seminars to educate former child soldiers on preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS and STIs.
  • Creation of microloans through a saving and credit union in order to introduce young women to productive work in North Kivu.
  • Organized micro-enterprise training sessions for 12 girls who are former child soldiers associated with the fighting forces at Kibumba in North Kivu. These trainings equip young women with entrepreneurial tools to prevent them from being re-recruited as child soldiers.
  • Provided healthcare support to 15 teenage girl victims of sexual violence who were victimized during wartime by the M23 rebel group in Goma.
  • Organized a seminar for 350 students to sensitize youth on peace and reconciliation at the University of Goma in North-Kivu (Goma).
  • Supported 45 displaced families from the Kibumba and Masisi villages in Goma with 250 kg of maize flour and 250 kg of beans.
  • Currently, FLAMME D’AVENIR supports scholar fees of former child soldiers associated with the Mai-Mai fighting force and children affected by conflict in South Kivu and North Kivu in the Eastern DRC.
  • Organization of football for peace tournament in Goma and Uvira by the support from PEACE ONE DAY NGO.

Football for Peace Tournament


The tournament started in 2012 with the intention of promoting unity and reconciliation within communities. Through this tournament, individuals are encouraged to unite and despite their different backgrounds, to cheer on their teams. It’s fair to say that sport fosters solidarity, fairness and mutual respect, teamwork, strength, friendship, enthusiasm, fun, imagination and brevity when introduced in a certain way. In this light, the tournament is then followed by inspirational speeches on the importance of peace and conflict resolution.


We currently have many project as you see that require funds, that is why we are looking for organizations, companies, NGOs,… and other people around the world who would like to support us in the battle for hope for these youth, women and children affected by conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. And together hands in hands to make a world where the socioeconomic conditions of life are improved where peace reigns and where the human rights are respected.

Future plans.

Flamme d’Avenir are planning to build a Peace Centre and a cultural centre in Goma and Uvira, we are currently looking for Organizations to fund this project. We also aim to establish a great number of additional peace clubs in schools and universities in North and South Kivu by the end of the year.

We are planning to give school scholarships to more children affected by wars in DRC, orphans, disabled, children’s from poor families …

We have lot of projects that need funds. Without your support we are so closed to reach our goals. We need your help.


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